October 4, 2017

Customer Reviews


English-El Enterprises (EEE) has excellent management and customer service quality. EEE continues to provide excellent service to the Florida National Guard Recruiting & Retention. They accomplish all requests in a timely and professional manner. EEE has proven to be dependable, easy to reach, customer friendly and they follow their contract to the letter. EEE is an excellent small business who is performing like a medium to large size business. EEE satisfies both the customers and their employees’ needs significant requirements, I would highly recommend them for similar requirements in the future. On a scale of 1-5, they are a 5 in terms of the best management to work for R&R.

Deborah Bray, Contracting Officer,
 Florida National Guard

OPM is very pleased with the Acquisition Support services provided by EEE. The Program Manager has extensive federal contracting experience and all personnel provided by English-El Enterprises have both met our expectations and provided innovative solutions for mission accomplishment. Rating 5 on a scale of 1 to 5 – with 5 being Exceptional; Exceptional contractor.

Barbara Hansen, Contracting Officer,
Office of Personnel Management, Washington DC