December 31, 2017

Contractor Performance Assessment Report

Excerpt of Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPAR)

Period of Performance: 01/21/2016 – 01/19/2017
Contract Number: W911YN14C0003
Contracting Officer: JEFFREY D. MOORE
Phone Number: 904-823-0550
Location of Work: St. Augustine, FL and Montgomery, AL
Project Title: Program Coordinators and System Administrators for Recruiting &
Retention Battalion (RRB)
Overall Rating: Very Good
Assessing Official Comments:
QUALITY: English-EL Enterprises (EEE) provides quality services. They have sustained green ratings on all Quarterly Assurance Surveillance Worksheets with no issues or concerns during the rated period of performance. In addition, The EEE Team exceeds all of the acceptable quality levels (AQLs) for service by doing whatever it takes to provide expected results. The contractor needs little to no Government technical direction when solving problems.
SCHEDULE: The contractor has consistently meets the schedule in a timely manner. All required preventive scheduled and unscheduled maintenance including installation, troubleshooting, and repair or replacement of computers or peripheral devices are competed as required and on occasion, ahead of a schedule. Testing of new software and installation of specialized software packages were completed above the Government expectations.
MANAGEMENT: The contractor’s management is consistently proactive in problem resolution. They are customer oriented and fosters a team partnership. Management processes were instrumental in assuring a seamless transition of a newly appointed COR. They are consistently adding value beyond the contract requirements. The Contract Manager proactively communicates with the COR The contractor has been a true asset and has proven to be a force multiplier for the Florida National Guard recruiting effort. EEE has improved the accuracy and processing of travel reimbursements to ensure EEE charges do not exceed those stipulated in the Joint Travel Regulations, unless documented by conditions listed in FAR 31.205-46, Travel Costs. EEE has done an exceptional job with providing an extensive and accurate quarterly cumulative report of all amounts invoiced and paid by CLIN/SUBCLIN and location over the life of the contract. The report is reconciled within the company on a monthly basis and has been made available to FLARNG upon request. The Government has benefitted by using the report to reconcile government data and to identify unused funding that can be made available for reprogramming.
REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: All EEE staff has undergone extensive training to exceed and compliment the contract security training requirements as a result of EEE staffing a new Facility Security Officer. The contractor submitted the required data in the Contractor Manpower Reporting Application in a timely manner. The contractor consistently complies with the QASP, the Monthly Expense Reports, and travel related documentation requirements.
ADDITIONAL/OTHER: EEE ensured 100% of Soldiers transitioned successfully and efficiently from active duty to the National Guard within the established transition timeframes. In addition, EEE exceeded expectations to coordinate Inter-State transfers above compliance levels and expectations. A specific example of such performance is when the EEE admin staff successfully and quickly provided IST assistance to 500+ National Guard Soldiers requesting a transfer to the Florida Army National Guard (FLARNG) and transferred over 240 Soldiers from other States into Florida. Florida is trending downward as it pertains to strength. Therefore, those transfers were key to meeting end strength goals in Florida and resulted in EEE receiving written appreciation from several units that desperately needed Soldiers in their ranks. Overall the EEE Team has proven to be indispensable and services anywhere from 100-150 Soldiers that are in the pipeline at any given time which cannot be assessed due to the availability of slots. EEE has gone the extra mile to repeatedly look for positions, be the SME on several programs (AUVS and SIBX), and continually update the Soldier transferring and the losing State. They have also gone the extra mile to coordinate numerous Physical Health Assessment (PHA), Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) or Split Unit Training Assembly (SUTA) for Soldiers who needed updated documents to enter the FLARNG. They have developed and maintained an EXCELLENT rapport with the NGB RMS Help Desk, State Leadership, and Unit level staff to ensure a smooth transition into the FLARNG EEE are masters in using technology to complete our mission and achieve future goals. Their staff utilized the Retention Management System (RMS) as the primary system for processing all Inter-State Transfer (IST), In or Out of the FLARNG (RMS is National Guard Bureau preferred method to complete an IST). Also, as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), they entered data in the Automated Unit Vacancy System (AUVS) and SIDPERS EXPRESS (SIB-X) to capture slots within the FLARNG for IST Soldiers to fill. Finally, Recruiting and Retention Battalion Commanders have raved that EEE has provided them with OUTSTANDING IST data to project future growth and mission goals
RECOMMENDATION: Given what I know today about the contractor’s ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order’s most significant requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future.
Assessing Official:
Name: Jeff Moore
Title: Contracting Officer Organization: USPFO-FL
Phone Number: 904-823-0550
Email Address: